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MOT Garages

If you have always been confused about choosing mot garages for your cars, look no further as our company, Check MOT History, is here to help you out. This is, without doubt, the matter of utmost consideration as the choice decides the future of your car and influences future choices as well. We are completely aware of the struggle our customers go through when it comes to mot garages. Therefore, with our help at hand we try to make it convenient in every way possible.

First of all, you need to fathom what mot garages exactly are and what services you can acquire to benefit from them. A mot garage or centre is station or place where the ministry of transport test is carried out. This test, as we all know, had been made compulsory a long time ago. This implies all cars in possession for a period of 3 years are required to undergo this test. This could be helpful for you and your car regarding to your safety and services, it will be best for you.

Our Main Services

Car Servicing

Check MOT History provides a cost-effective vehicle servicing option. There is the care of a stamp at your stamp book to update the warranty as well.

Brakes Repair

We have the experienced and certified technicians that will test your vehicle brakes system in every aspect. You will get perfect brakes when you need.


The heart of the car is the engine, we provide the complete engine diagnostic service at Check MOT History. This will reveal the complete insight into the vehicle.


Properly the vehicle's exhaust system is the surety of great health of the vehicle. We provide the top-notch exhaust repairing service to get your vehicle fit.

Fitting Services

No need to appoint anyone if you need any fitting services, we provide the top class fitting service in no time. You just need to wait in the room.

Clutch Replacement

Get the quality what your vehicle needs, we provide the quality clutch plates fitting services. It includes a clutch plate, clutch cover, clutch bearing.


As mentioned earlier that it is often difficult to navigate through this discord of services and dissonance in prices and rates these mot garages charge, you need to acquire book your car service. As in legislature mot test has to be done every 12 months to keep your car on road and there is no bypassing it under any circumstances.

We work here continuously around the clock to expand our already vast domain of garages for your convenience and we have got everything built around the idea of the satisfaction of our customers. To be precise, we ask what the customer wishes for and we carry out the task accordingly. The best example is of motorists who look for the basic service, the basic necessity currently and appreciate if no extra work is done to multiply charges. This all has to be met while maintaining quality control. Therefore, as you can see there is a broad range of demands that the customers expect to be met. Most of them require the mot garage to be in close proximity. We narrow down the garages for you addressing to your particular demands. We operate throughout the country and yet we toil effortlessly to expand our network to reach your area to make things convenient for you.


What is all this fuss about? Why is the test carried out? This is the obvious question to pop in one’s mind whenever the matter of mot test is broached. This test is designed in line with the collaboration of road safety and environmental standards. All this transport running on roads comes in lieu of collateral damage to environment. Furthermore, as traffic increases the risk of accidents increases. The most damage is done when your car is already unsuitable for road. Therefore, ministry of transport designed and made compulsory a test known as mot test which was the equivalent of the glass ceiling for the cars in order to be running on road. What is purpose of the test? To minimize the chances of accidents and damage to road, civilians and economy. To prevent any forthcoming vulnerability to road safety. To keep in check with environmental standards. How is the test capable to do so? This test assesses the car’s system such as engine, fuel system, lights, seatbelts, suspension, brake system, mirrors and checks for any present or potential faults posing any forthcoming vulnerability to road safety. The mot pinpoints any dangerous faults that is a red flag for a car to be running on road until it is repaired. It narrows down and minor or major faults of all sorts as well. It checks for exhaust emissions to keep up to par with the environmental standards.


Booking for a mot test no longer puts you in a predicament in this era of wide internet access and is as easy as killing a fly if one knows the proper steps and procedure. The procedure itself is hurdle free and can be done from home using a computer or even your phone via online method. First you need a checklist of essentials in order to book your mot online;

  • First and for obvious reasons your vehicle registration number
  • The last four digits of the chassis number
  • Online booking requires your debit card or credit card numbers for payments
 At our website, you can sift through myriad of mot garages and list your demands and needs so that we can shortlist only the best garages for you. Once you have selected the mot garage the task that remains is minor. You need to schedule a meeting of your car with the mot garage. You can select date or time and it will be allotted according to the availability of resources and times but nevertheless, prioritizing your convenience. Likewise, a mot-retest can also be booked and alterations in bookings can also be made. 


Garage comparing involves procuring garage quotes from different suitable local garages. So it is quite obvious that if you paid a visit or contacted various garages on your own to procure quotes- the task would have been way too hectic and it would cost you a lot of time and resources. You need to have too many hours on hand to work this out productively. It might render you with unreasonable prices and unsatisfactory services nevertheless. But with some basic steps you can make effective use of your time and resources. You can make the most of our services by providing us with details about what you aspire for in services related to your vehicle. This is essentially the first step. Sometimes it might come off as too complex as you might not be able to figure out exactly what you want. Stop worrying, as we completely fathom your dilemma. We are dedicated to pinpoint it for our customers. People usually seem to opt for the mot garages in close proximity to their residence for evident reasons. 

MOT Garages

Our job is to locate the best one near you and at a reasonable price. Obtaining quotes is the next in the series of steps. We inform the garages on your behalf that their services are called for. This allows you to leave your mind to relax as the quotes will come to you and you do not have to worry about how will they come to you. The major step is choosing the garage and it is the next one. To your convenience we have already sorted out the best mot garages for you so you only have to choose amongst a narrow range of the most suitable ones. After this you have to book an appointment via phone or you can do this online. Once you have acquired the services of the mot garage, you can facilitate other customers by letting them know what to expect from the garage- leave a review. This review will help us too as feedback helps us enhance our services according to your needs. On the other hand, if you request a quote then leave it to us to provide you with all the necessary information and rates to enhance your decision making process. Thus when it comes to comparing quotes you can rely on our services.


1. Quality Services

We provide top-notch service, the quality your vehicle deserves. Get the best MOT services at the lowest cost.

2. Experienced Staff

We have the experienced and qualified staff that run several tests on your vehicle to get the complete insight of vehicle.

3. Equipped Garages

We equipped with the state of the art tools and technologies, all you need about the vehicle is available at our garage.

4. Free Car Check

It is recommended to check your car before came at garages. And the best thing we provide it free of cost. Get Free Check Check Now.

5. Pay Less Get More

We provide a competitive quote all across the UK. Pay less and get more as you deserve. Get the best service now.

6. Fast Process

There is no hassle of the delays. We provide the top-notch services super fastly. Get the top-class services instantly.


These are the some other way to serve you. 


If you worry about the vehicle you have, no need to worry about that we provide the best services for you. Contact us and fix your car now instantly.

The best way to repair the car is to get the service online. We provide you with the instant option to contact us and get your car repair.

The car service cost depends on many factors, that you need. The cost varies from the need to need and vehicle to vehicle. There can be many things to include while servicing such as engine replacement, radiator replacement and what you need.

The MOT test is the surety of the road wordiness of your vehicle. So, the parts of the vehicle test carefully. There are more than 20 parts are tested including body, fuel system, engine, brake, windscreen, bonnet, horn, mirror and door etc.

According to the law of the UK, there is no vehicle allowed to be on the roads without having valid MOT except old than the ’40s. If your vehicle face the same issue get our MOT garages service now.