Check Car Tax will help you to get all the information of your vehicle. To check the whole history of a vehicle when it’s the last tax was paid, whatever it passed its mot is up-to-date. You can come to aware of all data of your vehicle by the vehicle free check service.  This also issues all the description of the vehicle and will you to know the tax band of your vehicle.


To find whether your vehicle has paid the tax or not you can check it by entering the registration number of your car by clicking on the link below. Usually takes almost five working days for the maintaining and updating of the record full store.


If you want to have your car taxed you need to follow the proper procedures issued by the government. You will need a reference number from any of the following categories. You are at the liberty to use the reference number for having access to knowing the taxpaying status of your car.

If you want to tax your car, a motorcycle or some other vehicle you can use any of the reference numbers which are issued to you from:

  • A warning letter issued to you from DVLA last-chance warning. You can get the reference number from recent reminder V 11.
  • It is a must that the logbook of your vehicle V 5C is on your name you can check the reference number for the taxing of your car from that logbook.
  • In case if you have just bought the vehicle you will have a slip from a logbook which is called the green new keeper.
  • It is a must for every car owner to tax his car even though he has an exemption for it. For instance, if you are disabled and you are exempted from the tax, yet you will have to meet the legal obligation for the driver before you start driving.


If you are the current keeper of your vehicle and you have a V5C registration certificate then you can easily apply for the taxation of your vehicle without V11 reminder. 

Being the current keeper of your vehicle you can also use V62 application for a registration certificate and it will lead you through the taxation of your vehicle without a V-11 reminder. 

If you do not have a V5C of your car and you have just purchased it no need to worry. Yet you can get your car text without a V-11 reminder. In this case, you can use a “new keeper” slip that will lead you through the whole process of taxing your car.


If you are the new keeper of your vehicle and you do not have a V5C with you then you can tax your vehicle at the post office and you can apply for a V5C. The time required to get a new V 5C for your vehicle is from four to six weeks. It will cost you £25 for the whole of the process.

If you are the new keeper of your vehicle you cannot get your car pay your car tax. For this process, you need to have a new keeper with you. In this case, also you will have to apply for a V5C. You can get the form to apply for a new V 5C from the post office. Again this will cost you 25 pounds and officially it will take four to six weeks to get you a new V5C.


You have two months for paying off your tax before the current tax expires. You need to take care of that if you are away from your home to pay your tax before the current status of your tax runs out.


When you are applying by post in advance before going there in person you will have to send some items to the post office.

  • You will have to send your logbook or your V 5C registration certificate.
  • You also need to send an explanation letter mentioning the cause for applying in advance.
  • You are required to attach the application of vehicle  V10. You can also send the application to tax heavy goods vehicle V 85.

You need to send an MOT of your vehicle or the goods vehicle testing certificate (GVT). It must not be expired when you send it.For the matter of paying vehicle tax, you will have to make a cheque, a Postal order or a bankers draft in favour of DVLA Swansea. You need to remember that any damage or alteration to cheque will not be entertained.

You will have to collect all these documents mentioned above. You can forward all such documents and payments to:


When you are paying for the taxation of your vehicle online or you are going to the post office you will have to set up a direct debit for that. It is not necessary for you to be the registered keeper of that vehicle to make a direct debit of that. If you are not the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle even then you can set up a direct debit payment method to get your taxation of vehicle. For direct debit payments, you will have to send all the emails and letters straight to the Account Holder.


The amount you want to pay through direct debit varies for monthly or every six-monthly basis. If you wish to pay yearly then there will be no surcharge for that. The direct debit payment that you make completely depends upon on what category you want to make payment. If you are going to pay monthly or every six-monthly basis you will have to give 5% surcharge for that.


What do you need to check your car tax:
  • You should have your address and date of birth with you.
  • You should also have your building society name or your bank name. You also need to have your account number and sort code of your bank.


You will be informed either by email or by post about the status of your direct debit. This email or post will be about the confirmation that your direct debit has been set up or not. Unless your vehicle tax starts the first payment will not take place. The whole process can range up to 10 days. Before the payment takes place you can use your vehicle without any problem. The month direct debit is due for, all the payments will have to be taken On the first working day of that specific month.


To get an HGV vehicle license you will have to fill out the form V-85. You will have to send that form either in person or at a post office which specifically deals with heavy vehicle license. You are required to pay the HGV tax for the vehicles which come in the category according to their loaded weight. If your vehicle is of more than 3.5 tons of weight when loaded. You will be asked to take the vehicle logbook  V5C for the express purpose. If you don’t have a vehicle logbook you can apply for a replacement.


The tax of your vehicle will tell you in detail about what you need to pay for the taxing of your vehicle. It also tells you whether your vehicle has a road-friendly suspension or not.


If you don’t have the vehicle any longer you will have to tell the DVLA. You will have to intimate the DVLA that you no longer own the vehicle. At Check Car Tax there is an easy guide to do this process. Follow these steps:


You will have to inform the DVLA about your vehicle that:

  • You have sold or transferred your vehicle to someone else.
  • Tell DVLA that you registered car vehicle is exempted from tax.
  • You’ll have to inform DVLA if you have exported your car out of the UK.
  • Also, make sure to tell whether you have scrapped your vehicle at a scrap yard or not.
  • You will have to tell whether your vehicle is written off by the insurance company or not.
  • You will have to inform if your vehicle is stolen. Also, you need to apply for a refund separately.
  • If your vehicle is on statutory off road notification and you are keeping it in your garage it is coming in the category of taken off the road. You’ll have to inform DVLA about it


DVLA will automatically cancel the direct debit of your vehicle when you have informed them about all the details mentioned above. If there is any full month left on your vehicle tax you will be given a refund check automatically. DVLA will calculate your refund money from the date they get your data. The name and address which is mentioned on the logbook will be used to send a cheque.

You are not entitled to any refund in case :

  • If you have paid any credit card fee.
  • The surcharge 5% you paid for direct debit payments.
  • The surcharge 5% you paid for direct debit payments.
  • The surcharge 10% you paid for the single month payment.


You can report an untaxed vehicle if you find it on a public road. Your privacy and your anonymity will be kept intact. There are different ways of reporting an untaxed vehicle.

  • If you find a vehicle with no valid MOT you can report about it.
  • If you find out driving or insurance offence of any vehicle and you suspect that the car is untaxed you can report about it.
  • If you find that car is abandoned for the last couple of days or even for a fortnight or even month and no one is going to take care of that you can report it as the untaxed vehicle.


You can use the free service to ascertain whether the vehicle is really taxed before you report about it. The first thing that you need to do is to note the registration number of the vehicle. You need to know the maker, model and colour of the vehicle also need to know the street it was parked in. You should also mention the town where it was parked in with Its postcode. If you are not able to provide all these details you will not be able to report the car untaxed.


To find the right phone number, email address, Postal address for DVLA you can find this service. They will help you with the things mentioned below.

  • They can provide you with information about vehicle tax or statutory off-road notification (SORN).
  • You can also have information about driving licenses and their applications.
  • If you want to get information about the number of plates and logbooks of vehicle.
  • They can also tell you about the health conditions and driving.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, you can find the phone lines busy quite often. If you send at check car tax the queries by post it is also difficult for us to entertain them immediately.

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To check whether your car is insured or not you can go to”car tax check”.It can take up to 5 working days for the delivery of the report. You can check in detail about the insurance of your off-road car being insured.

If you want to have quick access to know about the previous owner of your car you can check the invoices with the name, address, and phone number. This will tell you in detail about the previous owner of the car.

If you have not declared your car off-road then it is surely illegal not to have it taxed. Without a valid tax payment, you cannot get an MOT of your car as it is a legal offence to drive a car without taxpaying.

To check the history of a car you can check the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number). It is located to driver’s direction door jamb. You can use the number given there online for knowing the detailed history of the car.

You will have to show your DVLA reminder or your registration certificate (V5C). Your MOT is also required. After having all these things yes, you can tax your car from the post office.

To check the status of your car you can motor insurer’s database (MID) online. While checking you will have to show that you are the owner of the car and you will need to enter the registration number of the car.

If you wish the return of the SORN on the road your car should be insured and you should have a valid MOT. With the help of your V5C, you need to apply for the tax. This makes your SORN expired and you will have your car back on the road because you will be insured to do so.

With online help, you can UN-SORN your car when you get taxed. You should have your V5 number or Renewal Reminder number to do this. You need to have a valid MOT and valid insurance for your car.

When you are trading your car this week you can check the worth of your car you can receive in Kelley Blue Book. The Kelley Blue Book provides a fair price report for party Value. This happens when you are selling the car individually rather than doing a dealer trade-in.

You can enter your car’s registration plate into our free car check tool. This will show you how many car owners had there been since its first registration.

According to a rough estimate, there are almost 1.4 billion cars on the road. This makes the overall saturation of the vehicles up to 18 percent.

You can use the data of the car from DVLA to check the detailed history of the car. It will tell you whether your car has been scrapped or not.
This process is called car scrap check and this is checked to buy an HPI car check online.

This is information from at DVLA to find out the details about the car. According to Regulation 27 of the Road Vehicles, a person can have access to the history and information of the car.

This HPI check provides the car information about its history. It also tells whether there is some outstanding finance. It can be of any type including the three documents written off, stolen doc, or clocked.

Any person having official communication from the police station and there another requirement that he/she must be registered through DVLA.

check-cartax.uk is the website where you can know about an old car you once kept. You can email your query to info@check-cartax.uk also. Provide you complete details of ID in your email.

All the information is given on the driver side lower corner of your car about the engine. Your VIN stands for the Vehicle Identification Number and the engine size can also be measured. What is revenue weight. It is nothing other than the tax office.

If you do not have a valid MOT it will invalidate your insurance. In case of an accident, you will not be entertained by the insurance company. Rather your cost spending might escalate in case of not having a valid MOT.

If some Cam rammed into your car and it does not have a valid MOT then the insurer of that car will bear repair expenses of your car. Your insurance will be made valid and you will not spend anything on it.

Driving a car without an MOT does never invalidate your insurance. If you meet an accident without a valid MOT, even then the insurer will pay for your repairs. In case your case is stolen or damaged the insurer will reduce the payout reflecting the value of the car without that current MOT.

Yes, you can drive your car straight away If you use your new keeper slip (V5C/2) for paying tax online at the time of the day seven days a week.

You cannot drive your car without an MOT unless you are on your way to the garage for your online MOT
booking appointment.

If your car is unable to pass an MOT this year and your lady year MOT is still valid. You can drive your car. You can book the renewal of your MOT months before the expiration of the present one. Otherwise, you cannot drive your car on the road with an expired MOT.

You can park your non MOT car only on the highway unless and until you apply for MOT renewal as early as possible.

If you are driving a SORN car then it is more serious than driving without payment of tax. It is quite easy to apply for SORN without any fee or with the use of V890.

If you have an MOT then you need not pay any tax. You only need to have insurance.