How do I find Previous Owners of My Car

How Do I find Previous Owners of My Car?- Check Instantly

Vehicles’ background including its pervious owner, service history, and mileage history. It is very important to be known when buying a used car. All this information is provided at the time of selling. The sellers often withhold certainly some facts to get a profitable resale price. The number of owners of the vehicle is the most important factor that can make an impact on the value of the vehicle. Here we will discuss why this is important and how do you find previous owners of your car.   

Car’s Previous Owner’s Importance

If you want to see a bigger picture of your cars’ usage then it is very important to know the cars’ previous owners. The number of owners of a car can be impacted the features of a cars’ history. The higher the number of previous owners of the car, its value will be decreased. 


A cars’ value is impacted by the number of miles it has driven. The higher number of mileage the more corrosion it will have endured. And, therefore, the value of the car decreased. A correlation can be seen between the mileage and previous owner of the car. If the car has many previous owners it means that a car has driven more miles. It doesn’t happen all the time but if it is found that the mileage and the age of the car don’t match. It can be possible that the car has been clocked. 

How and Where the Car Was Driven?

A cars’ worth is not only affected by the distance is travelled but where and how it has covered the distance. For example, a car has a smoother drive through the motorways and it faces less frequent braking, whereas on the country lanes a car has to face more frequent braking. It simply shows that the more the suspension of the car is used and often its feature experience more danger. So, if you found what kind of journey a car has taken, you would find what kind of treatment the car has taken previously.

Look After the Car in the Past

Optimistically, the previous owners of the vehicle have treated it well. Its service history can tell more clearly how the car was looked after. If the car has got serviced regularly at the reputable garages in the past, then you will be reassured that the previous owners of the vehicle have looked after it very nicely. The car will be in good shape after knowing this fact. The cars’ owner on the time of selling should be made available the previous service history so it can make easy and free used car history check. 

How Do I Find the Previous Owners of My Car?

When you buying a new car you should collect more information about the car. So that the buying of the car should be more profitable for you. We are providing the easiest way to find out the number of previous owners of the car. You just have to do is to enter your registration plate number into our free car check tool. 

Simply, you can also find out the previous owners of the car through conversating with the buyer. You should ask as many questions as you feel to satisfy you that the deal is more profitable for you. The private seller can provide more information to you. As he has been more informed about the previous treatment with the car than a car dealer. 

You should check the service record of the car to get more detailed and reliable information. It will help you to know how often the car got services. It also tells what kind of mechanical issued car has faced and fixtures of those issues will also come into your knowledge. After getting all this information, you will also find out the names of the previous owners of the car.  

Even if it does not provide information about the previous owner, but the car has got serviced can indicate the number of previous owners. For example, if the car has got serviced in three different areas of the UK at different times. It may indicate that the car has had 3 previous owners. So, if the previous car owner only had owned the car for a couple of years there can a chance that the car is still under warranty.

Find the Previous Owners Through DVLA

DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) can also provide information about the number of previous owners of the vehicle. There is no limit to the number of previous owners of the vehicle but it impacts the valuation of the car. However, a classic or collector car may not lose its value as compared to the regular car. The less number of previous owners of the regular car the more its valuation increased. 

So, even though too many previous owners may not affect the value of the car if the car has got much importance for the buyer. Nowadays, people do not keep cars for a long time as compared to the past. We have witnessed a decrease in the average car ownership period. The standard term for keeping a car has been decreased below three years. So you can expect the average ownership time for a car to keep increasing with the time. 


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