Does a Cat N Car need a new MOT?

Does a Cat N Car need a new MOT? All about vehicle categories

Categories of Vehicle for MOT Requirments

Does a Cat N Car Need a new MOT? Is it is your question? You came to the right place here we are going to discuss all categories of the vehicles according to MOT requirements. Let’s start 

Category A (Unchanged)​

Category A is the most treacherous state, in that state the vehicle passes on with the severe situation after that, it is not to be driven again, because car meant for scrap and ought to.

Category B (Unchanged)​

Category B has involved that type of used vehicle, whose few sections can be can be intricate and that is undergoing broad fault that would never be driven and in-process intensively. 

Category C​

In the case if the higher degree accident is betiding with the used vehicle, then the used vehicle is going to be written off with the purpose of repairs, so through that process, the worth of that automobile irrefutably enhanced. If that automobile undergoes with the serious structural bruise of any part along with its whole framework, then it is very exorbitant to mend. It is now to be with the name of cat C listing and in the past till October 2017 this was known as Cat S listing. If the repair of the vehicle to a road condition you can use it and drive it on the road once again.

Category D​

In category D, the vehicle is to be written off can be repaired. However, in case its price relative to the vehicle worth its prices is held to be high. It is written in the writes of the vehicle is that the Cat A and Cat B cars don’t have in the conditions to avail of spares, and therefore shells of the automobile body are crushed off by the dictation of British Insurers’ Salvage code association. And by the insurance firm, the writes off frequently dispose of in Cat C and Cat D. Wherever compulsory with the help of DVLA as long as they precede automobile identity grant, and on the road, they can, and then replaced and repaired the body parts and spares. 

Note: The old categories C and D are replaced with the categories S and N, from 1 October 2017.

Category S (Formerly Category C) 

In the category S the vehicle which undergoes the damaged structurally (The chassis and the outer frame of the vehicle are damaged in that situation).

Category N (Formerly Category D)

Those vehicles that come in the category N only suffered from just withstand in need of surveillance, “No structural vandalization.”  Then an S class vehicle the category N will be far uncomplicated to recuperate. The S and N categories can be rehabilitated.

Indication of Category S and N

The vehicles such as a car, motorbike and minivan come in the category S with to be the owner and suffered from the only damage of body framework, and the items involved are the suspension and the chassis. And before putting them on the road, the vehicle of this category must be re-roster with DVLA. While the vehicle of category N has not to be re-registered before putting them on the road and they can mend so easily and safely.

All the vehicles that suffered from non-structural damages are placed in category N; those items include heated seats, infotainment and lights. Different from cat S vehicle, the vehicle of this category do not need to re-roster with DVLD. Nevertheless, you just need to notify that your vehicle has been written off. 

What do you need to do?​ If a Cat N Car need a new MOT

Your insurance company will generally give out with acquiring the vehicle drag for you. You have to follow these steps:

  1. If you want to keep it, then apply for the registration number of the vehicle.
  2. Keep the yellow ‘sell, transfer of selling your vehicle to a motor trader, and send the (V5C) vehicle logbook to your insurance company.
  3. Inform the DVLD, that your vehicle has been a write-off.

If you don’t re-registered your vehicle with DVLD, you have to pay the fined almost £1,000.

Keeping the Vehicle

The insurance company will supply you insurance pay off and will and get rid of the vehicle back to you, if you are willing to put your vehicle in the category C, D, N, and S.

You have to need to give the following information if you put your vehicle in category C and S:

  1. Send a complete logbook of your vehicle to the insurance company.
  2. Using form V62, if you want to apply for the corresponding logbook.
  3. The vehicle category will be track record by DVLA in the logbook.

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