Check Mot History of a Vehicle

How to Check Mot History of a Vehicle Free? Get Instant Report

Are you plan to buy a car?. It is essential to check the MOT history of a vehicle before buying, it can save you and your money. We provide a helping online tool for you to check the complete details of the vehicle. 

Some Ways to Save Money 

Car Insurance

On the UK roads, car insurance is essential to drive on the roads. There is a penalty of £ 300 to drive without car insurance. We provide an online tool to check your car insurance instantly. You can choose the right policy by comparing different policies on our website.

Buy a Car

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Trade Vehicle Check

Being a trader, you need to know about the full history of the vehicle before purchasing it. A great way to save yourself from spams. Our Trade Vehicle Check includes complete appraisal to check the full history of the vehicle. This including insurance, finance report, and MOT history.

Car Service and Repair

Car MOT is essential to run the car flatly on the road but finding the right place to MOT car is a difficult process. It is also tiresome to reach the MOT centres to service or repair a car. Don’t worry we provide many MOT services station in the UK, you can find it easily near you.

Car Parts and Tyres

You can buy any of the parts of your car at a discounted price from us, we provide a variety of parts including engine parts, tyres, oil filters, and all other car accessories you need for your vehicle. We provide high quilty parts at the lowest price in the UK.

Breakdown Cover

There are many companies that provide breakdown insurance but the problem is selecting the best one. These are many facts to consider that what the company provide and what not. But we suggest you check each and everything before taking breakdown insurance for your peace of mind.

The Significance of Check MOT History

The MOT history of the car tell, all about the car, all you need to know concerning the car. Most people pay no attention to this factor. But it is vital to know that about the car you wish to buy is safe enough to drive. In those cases, the MOT tests are the key elements to ensure your safety. It is very essential to get valid MOT before buying the car. Make sure to check the MOT history of the car if you plan to deal on the car regardless it is buying and selling it is equally important.

Leading a History Check MOT

The question of concern is why is it much important to check MOT history?

Firstly, according to the regulation of the UK, it is important for any car to check the MOT within the time period of three years. The vehicle that failed in the MOT test is not allowed to run on the roads.

There are many parts that checked during the MOT history includes the battery, brakes, steering and car suspension etc. It is a validation of the parts to ensure the safety of your car.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on MOT history to validate that your vehicle is capable to run on the road safely.

Check MOT History with Us

As MOT history of the car tells, all about the car you need to know about the second-hand car, you can take the step ahead with us. Use our online tool to get an absolute history of your vehicle.

At Check MOT History online tool you can check all details about the MOT by simply entering your car registration number and postal code in our online tool. It is the Artificial Platform that provides the complete ease to users, provide the complete history of the car regarding their all important details you need to know about any vehicle.

How we are able to do this?

We have a vast range of data points all across the UK, providing you with the ease of access. We predict the observation based on our machine learning algorithm. It gives you the exact idea of your car’s current status.

It includes the complete history of the vehicle. This including its insurance policies, reports whether the car is stolen in past, prediction of future repair, all about written off, and complete financial information report.

We also provide you to the facility to produce complete buyer’s report to get an idea about the wheels history, future value and its financial report.

Getting started is Easy to Check MOT

You need to simply drop the details on check MOT history. After this, you only need to enter your registration number and postal code in our online tool. This will provide you with complete details of your vehicle. You can use this tool to make a comparison of you chose cars by generating all the data of your interested vehicles.

There is an appropriate tool to guide you all about the condition, records and future prediction about the vehicle in immediate time. We also provide the facility to the collection of car free of cost for those who want to sell their car.

Check MOT history and current MOT status with

If you need to know about your car is taxed. Used our online tool that provides you with the facility to check whether you require the MOT, or what is the current status of the MOT.

At, we only need the registration number of your vehicle, then we provide the complete MOT information regarding your vehicle, you searched for. If you are not sure about the validity of your MOT.

What We Provide You with the MOT test?

In the MOT history, you can check the date of the MOT, the mileage of the financial report, MOT history that carried out the by your vehicle and a list of defects or future predictions about the vehicle.

Sometimes we forgot that when our MOT is required to renew. We need to verify this information about our vehicle or this also be a good test to check for the car you want to buy. We are the best option for you in these scenarios, our online tool provides you with the facility to enter the only registration number of your vehicle.

No need to worry and complications, simply use our check MOT history online tool to get the full details of the vehicle real-time to save your money and time.

Uncovering any Hidden Vehicle History

The MOT check is the best way to reveal all the hidden information about the car that we need to know about the car it includes all the information about the vehicle if a vehicle has something wrong with it, or what is the lifetime of the parts of the vehicle is?

According to industry analysis, most of the vehicle that sold has a discrepancy in case of the millage that the millage of the car is not matched with the history of the car. This is only possible when we take the MOT history of the vehicle.

Validate DVLA MOT History of any UK vehicle

You can see the financial report, expiry date, insights of vehicle, accidental report, and other shortcomings of the vehicle by taking the MOT test. It includes:

  • Status of the MOT passed and failed, and the total number of test
  • Mileage details at the time of per test
  • The exact date of the test
  • Details of the parts that failed in each test, and the details of minor’s one
  • The complete data of mileage between the test

Information relating to an MOT of Vehicle

As a private vehicle owner, it is very essential to stay at the top of the maintenance. You need to make sure your vehicle remains legal and stay on the road. You can find the related section to take this including, what is my MOT status, valid MOT certificate, and all the caution of advisory. See this all in the below section:

MOT history when Buying a Car

All the vehicles are necessary to take the MOT test within the time frame of the 3 years. It can take sooner if a driver wants it necessary, but some vehicles have also a short period for MOT testing such as an ambulance, and a taxi etc. More Likely it is important to check the MOT history of the vehicle.

Uses of MOT history via our DVLA database feed

Before going to buy a car it is also necessary to check, the MOT history of the vehicle, it tells us all about the previous performance of the car used, the conditions of its parts, a record of any advisories. 


  • Date and time of past Inquiries
  • Result of MOT, either pass or fail
  • Advisory Details
  • Report on mileage check at each test
  • Locational charts
  • Measure between test


  • MOT certification
  • The location of the test
  • You need to visit check MOT history to know more about the details

MOT Advisory Notice Items

Advisory items provide insight to those parts of the car whose running but there is a little danger regarding those components. In other words, it means that these components are not trustworthy, there is a good option to replace them for safe driving.

UK’s topmost MOT Fails

There are mostly three types of issues arise in the vehicle in the UK, includes:

  • Bulbs, there is a roundabout 30 % issue are arise due to lightning problems of the bulb.
  • Wiper issue, wiper and washer is another big issue there is almost 8 % of the problems created due to this issue.
  • Tyres, tyres are the main thing that produces resistance to run your vehicle, the faulty tyres also became the cause of MOT failure.

DVLA MOT’s and taxing a vehicle

While driving on the road there are certain requirements that we need to drive on the road. The first thing to consider is the taxing details, includes notes on the tax road. It includes several things:

  • Complete Logbook
  • V11
  • V85

MOTs Extended due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19, the MOT expiry date is extended for 6 month for some types of vehicles. Including cars, vans, and motorbikes. This extension is applicable to these vehicles if MOT of any of this type of vehicle was due on 1 April. it’ll be extended and will be due on 1 October. This enables people to travel even in this pandemic if necessary.

MOT Checks Explained

The MOT test is need of every vehicle for the surety of being safe. This is the time period of 3 years to validate the MOT.

So, all types of vehicle are included in the process except some of the vehicles:

  • Motorbikes and cars manufacture before 1980.
  • Vehicle power by electricity
  • Tractors

It is essential for everyone to drive with valid MOT, it became illegal to drive a vehicle without MOT this could be the cause of penalty.

If you ready to find more information about your vehicle checks our online tools to check the mot history of a vehicle to get complete insights.


Q1.Can used car buyer benefit from MOT history?

MOT history is a great help to use car buyers, it tells all about the used car you need to know about before purchasing it, includes; advisory, parts failure report, insurance details, and it reveals is it is safe to drive this car on road.

Q2.What about the MOT test validation period?

The validity of the MOT test is 12 month for any car which is passed the MOT test. Once a car passed the MOT test a certificate issued to the owner of the car. It is a good suggestion to keep it safe for future dealings.

Q3.Is the MOT data shown here are updated?

Yes, we provide always the up to date data to our customers, we have a proper database to store and update the vehicle information regularly. As you make a query, the information directly came to our database.

Q4.Does this test add safety recall?

No, this service not included but if you want to know about the safety recalls on your vehicle you can analyse our free check instead here, but our MOT checks don’t tell you about this data. 

Q5.Can I find car tax information in this place?

No, on this test you only find the details about the car MOT, you can check your car tax by visiting our this website.

Q6.Does COVID-19 affect my MOT expiry date?

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, the government extended the MOT expiry by 6 month’s on vehicles including motorbikes, cars, and vans. But It is equally critical to maintain your vehicle safe to ride on the road.

Q7.Which vehicles are MOT exempt?

If some vehicle has no MOT, it is also possible for those vehicles. Some vehicles have limited MOT but it is also not very surprising.

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