How Long after Your MOT Expires Can you Drive

How Long after Your MOT Expires Can you Drive?- Everyone Should Know

It is important to know about how long after your MOT expires can you drive?. Because safety matter a lot, we discuss some key points here to make your vehicle roadworthy.

The MOT grace period

Keeping in mind that what is the grace period after the expiration of your MOT it is informed for the convenience of the car user that your MOT grace period might have extended for 6 months. How to get an MOT is another procedure you can feel free to ask. The grace period of MOT  does not mean that you go on making new journeys and feel free that you have MOT grace period with you. How to acquire your MOT is made easy for you like never before. Your MOT grace period is the time given to you for getting in the procedure of having a new one.

Should I get an MOT?

You should get an MOT only when you are afraid that your car is unable to qualify any hazard test and unable to run on the road. If you find your car with some serious fault in it which does not occur normally as only 1 out of 10 cars is having such tentative problem which is not ascertained by you then you should visit our more than 300 Halford open sites for having an MOT. Otherwise, as the government has extended the date for expired MOT of old cars you need not worry. Merely 9% out of 100 is the chance for an old car to have a grave issue that you need to get an MOT immediately for.

I hope you get some idea how long after your MOT expires can you drive, let’s get ahead.

Will I be safe if I bring my car for an MOT or service?

To keep your safety and security well checked we have changed lots of our procedures for that. We will allow only our customer coming to our garage bringing the car to personally reach up to the reception. To ensure the distraction-free work and to ensure your safety we will ask you to leave the place once you placed your car inside. Only by keeping all these measures in strict promulgation and practice, we are able to open more than 300 of our Check  MOT History Autocenters open for your service.

MOT renewals explained

You will have an MOT for your car right after three years of its registration date since you bought it. After your first MOT, you will have to make the new MOT after every year to ensure whether your car is roadworthy and capable of driving. The cars which are exempted from having an MOT are the historic cars registered four decades ago. These cars are kind of antique piece and need no MOT for their being roadworthy or their drive capability. You can apply for a new MOT one month before the earlier one expires and the new MOT that you will have will be for thirteen months as you applied a month before the expiration of the earlier one. You can have an exemption for your car’s MOT in the case when you are driving to a pre-arranged MOT re-test or you are having your car taken to the garage for covering some repairs to make it pass the MOT test. In either situation, you will have an exemption for an MOT. All you need is to locate a nearby Autocentre and get to it for the renewal of your MOT our associates will be there to help you out guiding you about what the MOT expiration myth is, also they will guide you through the whole of the process to get an MOT. It became important factor to know how long after your MOT expires can you drive.

What actually the MOT test is? 

The Ministry of Transport Test also known as MOT is a detailed test of the vehicle to identify whether the vehicle is fully capable of running on the road without any mechanical or any other damage or problem in it and it has all standards of environment-friendly moving.

What is the penalty if I drive without MOT?

You can be fined up to 1000 pounds for not having a valid MOT and after careful inspection, if your car is found unroadworthy then even worse consequences in the form of up to 2500 pound fine you will have to face. If there are 3 points on your driving license or if there have been two or more road accidents without MOT, you can be banned from driving up to 2 years.

Is there any possibility to drive without an MOT?

No, there is no chance of driving without an MOT except in case you are on your way to the garage for the making of your MOT with the prior appointment which you need to prove if you are caught without an MOT.

Is it possible to have valid car insurance without an MOT?

By the time your MOT expires your insurance also becomes invalid. If you meet an accident your insurance will not pay you any damages and even your vehicle can be written off by the insurance company. If the accident was your fault you will have to pay the damages of the other person and you will be charged for driving a car without insurance also.

What is the actual cost of the MOT?

The cost depends upon the size of the car you are having with you and also on the purpose that you have been driving it for. It may cost 54.85 pounds or a little less. This amount is only the MOT free as for the damage repairs you are recommended to have in your car is an extra amount you need to pay.

Where can I get an MOT test for my vehicle?

At Protyre we have more than 100 garages working will highly skilled professional mechanics who would make a thorough check-up of your car and proceed you through your MOT. There, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of the condition, damages and potential problems in your car also.

What is the penalty if my vehicle does not have an MOT?

In case you are found driving a car without a valid MOT, you can be incurred with a fine up to 1000 pounds and the consequences can be even worse if the vehicle you are driving is also pathetic in the condition such a billowing smoke or something like that.

Hope you got it how long after your MOT expires can you drive, Thanks for reading.

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