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Check Mot History Limited registered in England & Wales & the company number is 12480044. The MOT is abbreviated as and it stands for the “Ministry of transport”. The MOT check was introduced in 1960 for that the department of government is responsible for the whole detailed check history of the vehicle when running on the road. Our MOT check testing after the confirmation of all test, MOT check provide a certificate to the owner (the full detail of the vehicle history) that substantiates at the eternity of examination. 

An MOT check pertains to lots of examinations of the all parts and spares of your vehicle that extended from brakes and fuel structures to the lights flicker exhaust system, windscreen wipers, seatbelts, and mirrors and almost carries all the examination of the vehicle till at the end of all parts of the system of your vehicle. 

Those vehicles that are around three and more than three years obsolete must be run through the MOT check history by the law to demonstrate that they are in a competitive situation to run on the road. At the car analytics, you can hold the whole record of your vehicle MOT check history. There are multiple data we provide to our customers for their peace of mind and satisfaction. 

  • Validities clues about the MOT test.
  • The whole duration that MOT covers to reside invalidity.
  • Main almost 5-6 motives of vehicle deterioration the MOT test.
  • The inventory detail to assist your vehicle to uphold its MOT.
  • The certificate has mentioned the expiry date of the MOT history test when the MOT is going to be expired. 
  • All details of MOT retests and when it is going to expire.

MOT test furnishes potion of data regarding your vehicle, it also provides the test classification of many various types of vehicles that are surveyed for MOT history check.

Test classification

At the car analytics we provide almost 6-8 types of classification tests for your vehicle with their wholesale prices, the classes of tests are as detailed below:

Class – I

Vehicles that are placed in the category of motor bicycles (maybe some time with sidecars and sometimes not) are plotted in class I that is up to 200cc. The period of its first test is 3years and the price wills almost £29.65.

Class – II 

All types of vehicles that are incorporating in class I are positioned in the Class II category. All motor bicycles plotted. The period of its first check out is also 3 years. And the price of the MOT tests of class II also the same as the Class I.

Class – III 

Those vehicles that are not heavyweight more than 450 kg and the 3 three-wheeled vehicles plotted in this class (those vehicles with sidecars or some time are not placed in it). Its first period of test is 3 years. The expense of this test will be £37.80. 

Class – IV 

Vehicles that are including in the minibusses and ambulances with write about 11 to 12 seats of passengers. And those vehicles such as taxis, the motor caravans, and those vehicles that are utilized for dual purposes, the vehicles of goods transportation not much overstepping from 3,000 kg (DGW) design gross weight. And also those vehicles have 3 wheeled more than an unloaded weight of 450 kg. The duration of their test is from 1 year to 3 years. The vehicles with a price of about £54.85 to £57.30.some times it exceeds £64.00. 

Class – V

vehicles that have more than 13 seats and up to are the vehicles of dual purposes, ambulances, personal passenger vehicles (13 to 16 seats) and the motor caravans. The period of their MOT test is about 1 year and N/A and the price tests of these types of vehicles are roundabout from £80.50 to £124.50.

Class – VI

Vehicles that are used for transportation of goods including with a weight of over 3,000 kg to 3,500 kg DGW. The MOT test duration of this type of vehicle takes of roundabout 3 years. And the price of the MOT test will be £58.60.

PSV test 

Types of vehicles that are privately used for public services have seats about more than 8. Those vehicles that are used for the public services, their test and test type like MOT check tests are conducted on their stations by DVSA/DVA staff, ATF (Authorized testing facilities) or (DP) designated premises.

HGV test

The category of a test is also conducted on their station by the DVSA/DVA, ATF, and DP staff. And the vehicles GVW and trailers their weight unladed over 3,500 kg to 1,020 kg. 


Some vehicle passes on with the partial MOT test and the dues for a partial fee from up to roundabout half of the whole test fee. And the maximum fee for the duplicate certificate will be £10.00.